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CRM 2011: Identifying the CRM Online Discovery Service EndPoint

Interesting resolution here, as the Microsoft documentation states to enter the https://dev.crm.dynamics.com/ORGANIZATIONNAME. It turns out this is NOT the actual name of your organization but the GUID!

Per the error message, we went into CRMOnline and checked out the developer resource as seen below:











Notice the organization name is A GUID. This is GUID/NAME required to use the discovery service. Since we were configuring the email router, you can see how it was used below:







After that, we were successfully able to use the CRM Online Disovery Service. Also of note, CRMOnline has two different discovery end points, one for CRMOnline above, and one for Office365 below. Make sure that you identify where the customer’s CRMOnline is hosted.

Office 365 discovery url: https://disco.crm.dynamics.com/ORGANIZATIONNAME