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CRM 2011: 2007 Endpoint 404 error no longer working after Update Rollup 10/11 is applied

Several customers have reported the CRM 4.0 or 2007 endpoint is showing a 404 error is no longer working after applying update Rollup 10/11. A SQL script is required to fix the issue. Please note that since this is a direct-sql update to the MSCRM_CONFIG database, please contact your partner or Microsoft for assistance in updating your system.

Best practice would be to uninstall the Update Rollup 11 and to see if that fixes the endpoint issue (don’t forget to restart IIS) If not, then you might not have a choice to either wait for a fix or patch from Microsoft, or apply the SQL Statement at your own risk. The SQL script will update the FederationProviderProperties on the NVarCharColumn changing/updating the several paths associated to the MSCRMServices/2007/XXXXXXX.asmx.

Microsoft has scheduled Update Rollup 12 to resolve this error. Please talk to Microsoft or your partner for the script to temporarily resolve this issue until Rollup 12 is released late December.